Classic massage is one of the most used massages. It´s very pleasant and relaxing procedure. The set of touches is applied to client´s body as healing or preventive method. The overall effect is achieved by improving blood flow which is beneficial for heart activity. It improves blood circulation, internal breathing, thermoregulatory processes, oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange etc.
Classic massage can help you with:

  • Muscle stiffness
  • Muscles injuries
  • The Nervous system
  • The Digestive system
  • Muscle fatigue


This very gentle massage technique is designed to restore and increase lymph circulation. In case that lymphatic system doesn´t work well or works slowly the metabolic residues remain in the tissue. Lymphatic massage helps with lymph activation and washes toxins away from the body.
Lymphatic massage effects:

  • Improves general physical condition
  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Regeneration and faster recovery
  • Helps to remove „the heavy legs “feeling


Honey massage is detoxifying honey procedure.  Honey has the healing power, stimulates the reflex zones, reduces stress and removes toxins accumulated inside of the body. This kind of massage can be applied as a part of detoxification treatment and renew internal organs activity.


It´s based on Chinese cupping therapy of putting glass cups on the affected area. The method has been known since the Middle Ages as a sort of drainage treatment. During the massage, toxins are removed from body and it also has a strong detoxifying effect. This kind of massage is used to relieve tension, pain and stimulate lymphatic and immune system.


Perfect for relaxation and regeneration of the body. This massage is performed with special massage touches and warm volcanic stones. The combination of heat and touches becomes an unforgettable experience for clients. The stones have extremely strong energy vibration which improves oxygen transfer, stimulates and detoxifies body and has positive effects on blood and lymphatic systems.


•    Classic (30 min.)  – 10 entries 130€ •    Reflex Foot Massage – 25min. 16€ •    Body Parts - 30 min.  - 15€
•    Classic (30 min.)  -  20 entries 220€ •    Hot Stone Massage – 60 min. 35€ •    Full Body – 60 min. - 28€
•    Classic Full Body (1 hour) – 10 entries 250€ •    Cupping Massage – 30 min. 16€ •    Full Body – 90 min. - 39€
•    Classic Full Body (1 hour) – 20 entries 440€ •    Face Lymphatic Drainage – 40 min. 22€  
    Wellness World + Massage (30 min.)  - 10 entries 210€ •    Feet Lymphatic Drainage – 40 min. 22€  
•    Wellness World + Massage (30 min.) – 20 entries 400€ •    Full Body Lymphatic Drainage - 90min. 45€  
•    Lymphatic Drainage Face Massage – 10 entries 180€ •    Sports Massage – 30 min. 16€  
  •    Honey Massage – 20 min. 15€  

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